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SCP-079 realized this and, in 1988, attempted to transfer itself through a land-line modem connection into the Cray supercomputer located at . The device was cut off, traced to its present address, and delivered to the Foundation.
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 · In this guide i will fully introduce SCP-079 as it calls “The old AI”. Goals and importance the 079 has. How to control and manipulate cameras. The SCP-079 gameplay is goes fully in support class. He can only kill people with tesla rarely(in start-mid game), so you
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SCP 079
SCP-079 is an Exidy Sorcerer microcomputer built in 1978. In 1981, its owner, a college sophomore, took it upon himself to attempt to code an AI. According to his notes, his plan was for the code to continuously evolve and improve itself as time went on. His project was completed a few months later, and after some tests and tweaks, he lost interest and moved on to a different brand of
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SCP-079 @ Aug 30 2012, 02:12 AM wrote: Thanks! As my last spoiler I was thinking, escaping the facility with 079 and running away from task forces with the use of 079 would be awesome. Remember 079 can basically control anything electronical, the world we live in these days is made out of technology, so we have open freedom.
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Add SCP-079. An event could be related to it, connected by Eve which would be called something along the lines of a “Major Containment Breach” or similarly. It would involve SCP-079 gaining access to the Control Room where it would open the TSTA gates, like an eve riot. It would also open random Containment Chambers and doors to cause containment breaches and allow Class-D to get access to
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Coding SCP 079 Hey there, I’m a computer programmer whose got nothing else better to do with my time so I’m attempting to code a SCP 079-like self-learning AI. Oh! That’s actually pretty close, I picked the name Eris because it’s the name of my favorite dwarf planet (I’m a huge space nerd), but that dwarf planet was indeed named after the goddess Eris!
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SCP-049, SCP-035, SCP-990, SCP-939 and SCP-079 are currently the only SCPs in the entire game capable of speaking fluent English. SCP-682 also is also able to …
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SCP-879 is to be kept in a chemically-induced coma via intravenous injection. It requires no nutrients outside of bi-weekly hydrogen sulfide injections. All tools that come in contact with SCP-879 are to be fully sterilized, so as to prevent accidental spread or exposure of the entity’s pheromones.

This page and property ofJoaquim7210 “I pray to god to thank you for my life always and protect those who care for me.” ― Claire Item#: SCP-166 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: SCP-166 can be safely contained in a minimal security environment. Since – – , SCP-166 resides in a standardized Class B room in Area-17, with the following changes: The adjoining room has been
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Voice line of 9 tail fox from scp containment breach Games 21 Tracks 21596 Views SCP 079 Soundboard This is a collection of sounds that can be used while playing as SCP 079 in SCP:SL. Games 21 Tracks 13289 Views
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 · SCP-079 is packed away in a double-locked room in the secured general holding area at Site-15, connected by a 120VAC power cord to a small array of batteries and solar panels. Staff with Level 2 or higher clearance may have access to SCP-079. Under no
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