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English: Flag of Scotland. Ratio 3:5. The blue used is “royal” blue (Pantone 300), following the Scottish Parliament’s recommendation of 2003. See also the traditional colour: Flag of Scotland (traditional).svg: .
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St Andrew & the Saltire, the Scottish Flag
 · This diagonal cross is now used on the Scottish flag – the Saltire. Records suggest Scotland adopted St Andrew as the patron saint by the year AD 1000. In 1286, the Seal of the Guardians of Scotland (used to authenticate legal documents and communications) had a representation of St Andrew on his X-shaped cross.
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Union Flag
The normal dimensions of the flag are 1:2, except in the British Army where a 3:5 version is used. The British Army’s flag is the Union Flag, but in 1938 a “British Army Non-Ceremonial Flag” was devised, featuring a Lion on crossed blades with the St Edward’s
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St Andrew and his Cross, Scottish History Online, …

Pictish and Scottish warriors about to defeat an army of Northumbrians saw against a blue sky a great white cross like St. Andrew’s, and in it’s image made a banner WHICH BECAME THE FLAG OF …
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St. Andrew’s Cross
For the Scottish flag, the colours are said to come from a white cross made by clouds in the blue sky. In the 9 th century, King Angus saw this arrangement on the day before a decisive battle over the English Northumbrian Angles commanded by Athelstan.
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United Kingdom Flag
The United Kingdom flag, also known as the Union Jack or British flag, is screen printed on a single side of knitted polyester material and the ink bleeds through the material so the design appears as a mirror image at the other side of the flag.The size of the British
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Culloden: Regimental colours

These rare Jacobite and British military colours were carried into battle at Culloden by opposing sides, but they now hang together in the National Museum of Scotland as evidence of a contentious and divisive episode from Scotland’s past.
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Scottish Lion Rampant Signet Ring
This ring is part of the Scottish collection. Materials: Sterling Silver with 10k Yellow Gold Dimensions: (w) 17mm x 3mm (tapered) Size range: 5 – 15 Wear this ring to show pride in your Scottish heritage. The Lion Rampant was displayed on the ‘Royal Flag of
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US Flag Specifications and Digital Artwork

Specifications for the dimensions of the US Flag from Executive Order 10834. Dimensioned illustration, hi-res digital artwork Executive Order 10834 August 29, 1957 The flag of the United States Source: The provisions of Executive Order 10834 of Aug. 21, 1959, appear at 24 FR 6865, 3 CFR, 1959-1963 Comp., p. 367, unless otherwise noted.
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Baron Belhaven
Main Dimensions: 542 x 75.2 x 33.6 feet. Engine: Horten Sulzer 5 RND 76 oil engine 10,000 bhp 15 knots. March 1971:Completed by Kaldnes A/S Tønsberg (Yard No. 187) for H. Hogarth & Sons Ltd., Glasgow. Scottish Ship Management Ltd., Glasgow
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“Flying Flag (estb.1314)” Hoody
Estb.1314 with a flying Saltire is the design on this Scotland hoody. Available in four colours and various sizes. Scottish themed Hoodys for men and women, lined and warm, scottish wristbands too. For the cooler weather, choose this lovely unisex hoody. Available
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Scottish flags and scottish party bunting. All sizes, all types including full size,hand flags,car flags and table flags. 10ft (3m) x 9 flags of 170 denier Scottish bunting. Each flag measures approximately 10″ x 6″ (250mm x150mm) with cord ties. Hard wearing
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What You Need to Know About Flagsticks In Golf

 · The flagstick includes the flag and any other material or objects attached to the pole.” In a separate section of the Rules of Golf (not included in the normal rulebook) called the Equipment Rules , the governing bodies also state that the flagstick must be circular in cross-section, cannot include any shock-absorbing material or other material that might influence the movement of the golf ball.
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