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Possum numbers are on the rise. Melbourne’s beautiful parks and gardens provide home to a wide variety of native Australian animals including the possum. An increase in population, combined with a reduction in natural habitat (hollow trees), has seen swarms
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Emergency Possum Removal Service Melbourne
We offer same-day possum removal services as well as dead possum removal in Melbourne. We coordinate with wildlife departments and ensure the smooth removal of the pest from your property. As a trusted group of possum catchers in Melbourne, we have a four-step procedure to remove the pests from your property.
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Have A Possum Problem In Melbourne VIC 3000? Contact our Team on 1300 164 831 or 0432 433 784 for advice or to arrange for one of our inspectors to come out, or simply fill in the form below and we will be in contact to discuss further. Send Us an Enquiry * *
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Possum Removal when it’s Raining in Melbourne

Possum Removal in the Rain. We’re often asked the question, Do possums stay inside the roof when it’s raining? The short answer for you is No. So possum removal is still required. Possums nearly always go out at night and then of course come back in during the early hours of the morning.
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Possum control in Melbourne become a bigger issue because possums are the type of animals that have the shape and size of a cat but texture like rats. However, they are far more dangerous than a cat and less ugly than the rat. They like to eat trashed food or
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The science that stops possums eating your garden
When possums ate her garden, University of Melbourne’s Professor Lynne Selwood fought back and invented a spray that protects plants from possum browsing. Her plan was to make extracts of plants that possums avoided to see if these could be sprayed on
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Possum rescued from Melbourne family’s toilet bowl
A baby possum has been rescued after it got itself stuck in a family’s toilet bowl in Melbourne. The possum travelled through plumbing and made its way into the bowl.
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The Possum Management Policy deduced by OEH dictates rules for Possum Removal Melbourne to manage possums that disturb businesses and residents. The landholders need to get a license to eradicate possums from chimney and roof cavity and prevent entering in future.
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The Mohair & Possum Store is a family owned business dedicated to providing only the finest products made from Mohair, Possum and Merino. Sign up to our newsletter Join our mailing list to receive our latest news and specials
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Possum Removal Melbourne
Possum Removal Melbourne What can Zero Pest Australia guarantee me? Zero Pest Australia is the only pest control service confident enough in the quality of its work to offer a lifetime pest free 100% guarantee (ts and cs apply). Our
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The timeless and living art of possum skin cloaks
Fishing, birdwatching, parenthood, commutes—these are among the stories told by two new objects in a Melbourne museum which continue a custom practiced in south-eastern Australia since time immemorial. For tens of thousands of years, possum skin cloaks
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Common ringtail possum | Melbourne. Australia | James White | Flickr

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