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The Maya played a ball game often called Pok-A-Tok. It was played on a court using a 5-pound rubber ball and players had to use their hips and forearms to hit the ball through a very high, very small sideways hoop placed about 20 feet up off the ground against the
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This is half of a sports court (alley) where the ancient game of Pok-A-Tok or Pitz was played. Two teams of seven athletes would compete in this vicious yet ritualistic game. According to Mayan beliefs, their deities enjoyed watching and admired the victors. At the end of …
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Pok-A-Tok was a unique ball game in which the players manhandled a ball about the size of a basketball while trying to pass it through stone hoops set along the walls of the court. (You can see one such hoop on the upper right hand wall in this photo.)
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Part of the Chichen Itza Great Ball Court where the game of Pok A Tok was played. This involved trying to put a ball through a stone hoop several metres off the ground without using your hands several metres, stone hoop, ball court, stone, court, , maya, yucatan
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Pok-a-TokMelanie Hildenbrand Sherril WH P. 6 3-24-2020How the Game was Played-Two teams -Ball could only be touched with elbows, hips, and knees -Teams tried to get the ball through the stone hoopsPok-a-Tok Courts-tiered seating for Spectators -Rectangular
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P: Pitz/Pok A Tok – Maya civilization A to Z

Pitz was a game that had a rubber ball that had the size range from a soccer ball to a softball. Players had to try and bounce the ball high enough to get it through a hoop that could be up to 20ft off the ground. The players weren’t allowed to use their hands while…
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How to perfectly play Pok-a-tok
Playing pok-a-tok is a fun, exciting game with a few easy rules. Follow these step-by-step instructions to find out how to play. Do you want to have a go at playing an Ancient Mayan ball game? Method: First, choose two teams that have the same amount of people
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Pok-a -tok- the players had to aim at a stone ring set high in a wall , although in some courts there was n ring.They had to strike the ball with their hips , elbows or knees to send it around the court.
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If you’ve visited Chichen Itzá, Cobá or other Maya ruins, you probably saw the Pok Ta’ Pok courts where this traditional pre-hispanic ball game was played. Players in teams of two or four aimed to keep a rubber ball, weighing up to 4kg, off the ground and through a
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Mayan Game; Pok-a-Tok
Pok-a-Tok was a ball game played by the ancient Mayans over 1000 years ago. There’s evidence that the Toltecs and Aztecs played variations of the game, as there are stadiums (for lack of a better term) dotted throughout Mexico.
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The Maya loved ball games. Ball courts were usually placed at the base of a temple, because all games were held to honor the many Maya gods. Festivals were held every twenty (20) days. Every festival had a ball game scheduled. Everybody who possibly could
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The Mayan played a game called Pok-A-Tok.Every Mayan city had at least one huge ball court that looks similar to the stadiums now.Ball courts were important to the Mayan people also were the games.The games were played in religious festivals every 20
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Pok-A-Tok, an ancient ball game is a major component in the Popol Vuh, “the council book” of the Mayans, that tells of the Mayan creation myth, of the Quich é people. After the tale of how maize beings were created by the gods of the sky and sea, the Popol Vuh uses metaphors to perform the story about the hero twins, Hunapu and Xibalanque, of their trials to defeat the Lords of Xibalba in