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收緊為只有建於地 下並為各個停車位設有電動車輛充電基礎設施的私人停車場才可
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Green Buildings in Hong Kong
 · PDF 檔案Copyright © 2013 Business Environment Council Limited Page 2 The Business Environment Council (BEC) Who we are: • An independent, membership-based non-profit
2nd and 3rd Batches of
 · PDF 檔案under PNAP APP-151) Under Lease Under the BO 9 Streamlined Arrangements for BS/BS requirements per PNAP APP-152 24 DDH/DD Clause under Lease Thank you 25 Title 2nd and 3rd Batches of Measures to Streamline Development Control Author
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Technical Seminar on the Code of Practice for Fire Safety in …

 · PDF 檔案• The requirements in PNAP APP-14 have been incorporated (Clauses B19.2, B20.9, B27.1 to B27.9) • Clause B27.2(vi) states at the transition point where there is a change in the dimension of treads and risers should be provided with: – a flat landing of length
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 · PDF 檔案PNAP APP-130 are 8% and 4% respectively • Microclimate 微氣候 • Urban Heat Island 城市熱島效應 • Building Permeability 建築物通透度 • Air Ventilation Assessment 空氣流通評估 • Cool Materials 降溫材料 • Vertical Daylight Factor 垂直採光系數
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PNAP APP-24 Oct 91 PNAP 78 PNAP APP-25 PNAP APP-26 PNAP APP-27 May 94 Dec 98 Dec 97 PNAP 81 PNAP 82 PNAP 83 PNAP APP-28 PNAP ADM-1 Appendix A New Reference PNAP APP-29 Title Lift & Escalator Installations Development in Mid
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PNAP APP-22 Dec 08 Dec 05 May 94 Feb 09 PNAP 70 PNAP 71 PNAP 74 PNAP 75 PNAP APP-23 Dec 05 PNAP 77 PNAP APP-24 Oct 91 PNAP 78 PNAP APP-25 PNAP APP-26 PNAP APP-27 May 94 Dec 98 Dec 97 PNAP 81 PNAP 82 PNAP 83 PNAP


The soft landscape provision shall comply with PNAP APP-152 requirements. However, the requirement under Appendix D, item 2 can be omitted (i.e. the requirement of having no more than 30% greening features of the total required greenery areas is not
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 · PDF 檔案Briefing on PNAP APP-156 – Design and Construction Requirements for Energy Efficiency of Residential Buildings 11 Feb Luncheon with Chief Secretary, Mrs. Carrie Lam 9 Mar VB2014 Response Exhibition Opening Ceremony and Film Screening 10 Mar
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The Hong Kong Institute of Steel Construction

24 March 2017, HK Half-day workshop on DOs and DON’Ts on Building Control of Tempered Glass and Latest Heat Soak Process to BS EN 14179-1: 2016 The workshop is tailor-made for the quality control supervisors as required under the PNAP APP-37.
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Appendix A (PNAP APP- 151) List of GFA Concessions Features subject to compliance with the prerequisites in para. 6 & 7 of PNAP APP-151 Features Subject to the Overall Cap of 10% in para.4 of PNAP APP-151 JPN1 JPN1 JPN1 & 2 PNAP APP-122
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Review Report
 · DOC 檔案 · 網頁檢視PNAP 267 Felling, Trimming or Replanting of Trees (只提供英文版本) LAO PN 8/2002 Application for Tree Felling or Transplanting for private projects [Lands Department] (只提供英文版本) ETWB TC 08/2004 Tender Evaluation of Works Contracts (只提供英文版本
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app 42|app 42線上資訊以及App2go app認知App2go app(共79筆1|2頁)-APP …

尋找app 42全球線上資料來【APP開箱王】提供各種開箱文與瞭解App2go app 79筆2頁,App2go app網友關注熱絡討論,APP-42. 適意設施. 適意設施可以寬鬆地定義為那些並非法定要求,由以往經批準圖則內指定用作私人 停車場的地方全數可獲豁免計入總樓面面積,但可. 以提升樓宇 或發展項目的水準和品質的設計元素。,Mobile Backend as a
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驗窗驗樓一站式工程 佳偉工程

驗窗服務 驗樓服務 長者家居評估服務 裝修設計及工程 大廈維修 預約查詢 常見問題 關於我們
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CB(1)879/19-20(02) 立法會環境事務委員會 補充資料
 · PDF 檔案土工程師作業備考》APP-22及APP-1113有關停車場及上落客貨區 不計算入總樓面面積的要求