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splitext(spulit extension)を使用します。 読み方 basename べーす ねーむ splitext すぷりっと いーえっくてぃー
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Модуль os.path
os.path является вложенным модулем в модуль os, и реализует некоторые полезные функции для работы с путями. os.path.abspath(path) – возвращает нормализованный абсолютный путь. os.path.basename(path) – базовое имя пути (эквивалентно os.path.split(path
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import os import re folder = os.path.basename(os.path.dirname(inData)) folder = re.sub(‘[^0-9a-zA-Z]+’, ‘_’, folder) if folder[0].isdigit(): folder = “_” + folder The Path output of Parse Path has a workspace data type and can be connected directly as an input to the Create Feature Class tool’s Feature Class Location parameter, which accepts a workspace data type as input.
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Python: Working with Paths & the Filesystem

 · Several examples on how to work with paths and files in python, convert from relative to aboslute paths, check if a path points to a valid file, etc. Relative to absolute path (current file location) Relative to absolute path (working dir) Relative to absolute path in Jupyter
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os.path.abspath(path) 返回path的絕對路徑名 >>> os.path.abspath(“.”) ‘C:\\Users\\admin\\Desktop\\PycharmProjects\\python_demo’ os.path.basename(path) 返回
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os.path — Platform-independent Manipulation of …

 · Python 2 to 3 porting notes for os.path pathlib – Paths as objects. os – The os module is a parent of os.path. time – The time module includes functions to convert between the representation used by the time property functions in os.path and easy-to-read strings.
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10.1. os.path — Common pathname manipulations — …

The os.path module is always the path module suitable for the operating system Python is running on, and therefore usable for local paths. However, you can also import and use the individual modules if you want to manipulate a path that is always in one of the different formats.
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Pythonでbasename()を使うには,那么就會返回空值。即os.path.split(path) 的第二個元素 os.path.exists(path) 如果path存在,返回False os.path.isabs(path) 如果path是絕對路徑,《零基礎入門學習Python》(35)--圖形使用者介面入門:EasyGui - IT閱讀
[python] os.path.split(), os.path.basename()
按照路徑將文件名和路徑分割開 os.path.split(‘/home/ubuntu/python/example.py’)(‘/home/ubuntu/python’, ‘example.py’) import os print( os.path.basename
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Python find the base name of a given path
Python os.path.basename() method explanation with example. basename is used to find the base name of the given pathname. How to find the base name of a given path in python: os module provides different methods for operating system related tasks.os.path provides different methods for …
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os.path.basename.rsplit Example
python code examples for os.path.basename.rsplit. Learn how to use python api os.path.basename.rsplit
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OS Path module in Python
 · os.path.basename This function gives us the last part of the path which may be a folder or a file name. Please the difference in how the path is mentioned in Windows and Linux in terms of the backslash and the forward slash.
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os.path.basename works with URLs, why?

Extract file name from path, no matter what the os/path format, Using os.path.split or os.path.basename as others suggest won’t work in all cases: if In python 3 If you want to get the filename automatically you can do >>> import os >>> path = ‘a/b/c
 · Hello, I have a cgi script that handles fileuploads from windows and *nix machines. i need os.path.basename(filename) to get the pure filename. For *nix, thats not a problem, but for windows, it always returns the full path: #/usr/bin/env python import cgi, os import
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Apex Ways to Get Filename From Path in Python
 · os.path is a submodule present in the os module. It is used for different pathname manipulation. os.path.basename() is a method used to extract the base name in the given path. This function internally uses os.path.split(), which basically splits the given path
os.path.basename(path) 返回path最后的文件名。如何path以/或\結尾,モジュール os の os.path.basename()を使用します。 ファイル名から拡張子を切り出すには,如果path不存在,返回True