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Learn the Phonics Letter oo Sounds by Red Cat Reading
What sound does oo make?
The short OO sound has an (oah) sound as in good and foot. This is midway between a long OO and a short U (uh), made with the throat rather than the lips. Do goodbye and soon have the same vowel
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Vowel Digraph oo

 · PDF 檔案SORT 31 Generalization The pattern oo represents two sounds. One is the same as long u as in moon, whereas the other is the sound in foot.Student Objective Read and spell words with vowel digraph oo.Materials • Big Book of Rhymes, “The Puppet Show”
Learn the Phonics Letter oo Sounds by Red Cat Reading

English Phonics: Pronunciation And Spelling With OO

and t are pronounced wih a long OO sound. Exceptions are cases that do not follow general rules. Words with short ‘oo’: Book, cook, look, hook, took, shook, cook, good, hood, stood, wood, Exceptions with short ‘oo’: Foot, Stretch the ‘OO’ sound long in
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The “oo” sound: American versus British pronunciation …

The “oo” sound: American versus British pronunciation This is the third blog post in a series on differences between British and American English. Also, see parts 1, 2, and 4 of this series:
Learn the Phonics Letter oo Sounds by Red Cat Reading
Short oo and long oo (examples, videos)
Most oo words are pronounced using the long oo sound. There are some words that pronounced with the short oo. The following are some patterns that may help you remember some of the short oo words. The letter group ook is mostly pronounced with a short
Learn the Phonics Letter oo Sounds by Red Cat Reading
term:sound short = oo Flashcards and Study Sets
Learn term:sound short = oo with free interactive flashcards. Choose from 500 different sets of term:sound short = oo flashcards on Quizlet. the part of the body at the bottom of the
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Short-oo? What’s that?
 · Short-oo is a vowel that is a little bit unusual. Now, you may be thinking, “But that’s not a letter in the English alphabet!”, and of course, you’re right. But Long-OO and Short-oo is a pair of vowel sounds that follow some of the spelling and pronunciation patterns of the
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Long U + Long OO Words Vocabulary Word List
A vocabulary word list (word bank) of Long U and Long OO words. Yahooooo! EnchantedLearning.com is a user-supported site. Site members have full access to an ad-free, print-friendly version of the site. Click here to learn more.
Learn the Phonics Letter oo Sounds by Red Cat Reading
Worksheets for oo words
These worksheets are a great tool to check your students’ understanding of oo words! My Five is a great reader, but when it comes to reading words in isolation, his phonics skills need some work. I’ve been putting together a variety of games and activities for simple
Learn the Phonics Letter oo Sounds by Red Cat Reading

Vowel Sound in Moon Lesson Plans & Worksheets …

Students practice pronouncing the “oo” sound. In this sound fluency lesson, students review the “oo” sound by reading the word “moon.” Students then identify and pronounce 12 other letter combinations that are written on the board,
Learn the Phonics Letter oo Sounds by Red Cat Reading
Reading2success: Which /oo/ sound
Begin by introducing the oo sound heard in the word look. It is referred to as the short oo sound On index cards write the words: book, foot, look, shook, wood, brook, good, nook, stood, wool, cook, hook, retook, took, unhook. Buy big googly eyes from the dollar
Learn the Phonics Letter oo Sounds by Red Cat Reading
u as in put
bull bush butch full pud pull push puss put tush wuss Belarus Bucharest bulrush bulwark bullet bulletin bullion bullock bully bushel butcher exeunt Fulbright fulcrum fulfil fulminate fulsome Gielgu…
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The Eight Spellings of Long O
Note that the second sound of ou is long o. oo The spelling oo can represent three sounds: /oo/ as in boot, /û/as in foot, and /ō/ as in floor. oa This is the o of boat. oe This is o of toe ough Ah, yes. This is the most ridiculed of all English spellings, good old
Learn the Phonics Letter oo Sounds by Red Cat Reading
So-called “short oo”
The so-called “short oo” sound is an informal term that means the short sound of the digraph oo which is IPA phoneme /ʊ/. Examples: foot, good, or wood The term “short oo” is not recommended because it’s confusing to say “full is pronounced with short oo”.If this
Learn the Phonics Letter oo Sounds by Red Cat Reading
Pronouncing words in French
 · A phoneme is the smallest unit of sound. For example, in the word ‘dog’, there are three ‎units of sound: D-O-G. In French, there are some phonemes that are different to English ones. Here