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Lateralization of feedback control in anticipation of speech production presumably arises from an intrinsic anatomofunctional asymmetry of auditory cortex fostering the analysis of fast acoustic modulations like those that permit to contrast phonemes in the left; ).
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Neural Mechanisms for Call Processing in the Auditory Cortex of Mustached Bats: Frequency Modulated Sounds and their Lateralization

 · PDF 檔案Frequency Modulated Sounds and their Lateralization Stuart D. Washington, B.A. Thesis Advisor: Jagmeet S. Kanwal, PhD Abstract Speech processing is lateralized to the left hemisphere of the human brain, with some variation between sexes
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Second, it is posited that since the sounds of speech are processed differently from nonspeech sounds, the two should not be diagnosed and remediated interchangeably. Third, it is shown that the relationships among cerebral lateralization for language, handedness, and poor reading can now be studied more meaningfully because of the recent development of new techniques.
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Lateralization and identification of simultaneously-presented whispered vowels and speech sounds By Angelo M. Ripepi Abstract inability to separate competing whispered vowel sounds with amplitude and/or frequency modulation derived from natural speech
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Lateralization of Sounds Using Bone-Conduction Headsets

 · PDF 檔案LATERALIZATION OF SOUNDS USING BONE-CONDUCTION HEADSETS Raymond M. Stanley and Bruce N. Walker Sonification Lab, School of Psychology Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA 30332-0170 [email protected] Participants
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 · PDF 檔案degree and direction of lateralization within individuals. This relationship between left-hemis- phere processing of speech sounds and right-hemisphere processing of emotional vocalizations was examined using dichotic listening tasks. An overall complementary
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Neural Bases of Categorization of Simple Speech and Nonspeech Sounds

 · PDF 檔案Neural Bases of Categorization of Simple Speech and Nonspeech Sounds Fatima T. Husain,1* Stephen J. Fromm,2 Randall H. Pursley,3 Lara A. Hosey, 2Allen R. Braun, and Barry Horwitz1 1Brain Imaging and Modeling Section, National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication
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Tongue lateralization: Moving the tongue from side-to-side helps with a variety of speech sounds, as well as chewing and swallowing food. How does imitation of these movements impact development? Imitation of movements, including oral motor movements, is a skill …
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Research on developmental changes in infants’ perception of speech sounds shows that as infants get older, their ability to discriminate between speech sounds that are NOT found in their native language: A young girl came to the United States from Korea at age 5
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At the present stage little is known about the interactions between ipsi- and contralateral auditory pathways during DL of speech sounds, which allows the lateralization of auditory input, as postulated by the “structural theory” of Kimura (1967).
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Lateralization of ERPs to speech and handedness in the …

Lateralization of ERPs to speech and handedness in the early development of Autism Spectrum Disorder Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders , Feb 2017 Kayla H. Finch , Anne M. Seery , Meagan R. Talbott , Charles A. Nelson , Helen Tager-Flusberg
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Speech versus music in the brain To what extent does the perception of speech and music depend on different mechanisms in the human brain? What is the anatomical basis underlying this specialization? Albouy et al. created a corpus of a cappella songs that contain both speech (semantic) and music (melodic) information and degraded each stimulus selectively in either the temporal or spectral domain.
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Oct 2, 2020 – The Bjorem Speech Sound Cues Lateralization are a picture cueing set designed by a speech-language pathologist to help with creating a new sound for s, z, sh, ch, and j when a child is using a lateralization speech pattern.
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Neural lateralization of species-specific vocalizations …

Neural lateralization of species-specific vocalizations by Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata) By MR Petersen , MD Beecher , Zoloth SR , DB Moody , WC Stebbins Science 20 Oct 1978 : 324-327