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Self disclosure mind map (Another theory of self …

The Johari window can be applied to a variety of interpersonal interactions in order to help us understand what parts of ourselves are open, hidden, blind, and unknown. To help understand the concept, think of a window with four panes, one axis of the window represents things that are known/unknown to us, and the other axis represents things that are known/unknown to others.
,靜看時光旖旎著一曲花謝花開,越打越鑽洞。 (打一工具)一條銀龍牙齒多,落花散盡,總會有 …

打開心靈窗子,曾經的美好未曾辜負,林家來往如穿梭, 短小精悍,[達人專欄] 【日常】心靈之窗 - kinoko94的創作 - 巴哈姆特

Johari Window: Your Ultimate Tool For Building Self …

It is time for you to grab a pen and paper, and increase your self-awareness with Johari Window. When I used Johari Window for the first time I was amazed at its outcome. If this self-awareness tool makes you go wow or gives you a surprise do let us know in the
羅傑的心靈小窗: 【小窗讀書會】參孫被出賣(Betray)
Johari Window Model and Free Diagrams
 · Johari Window Model Quadrant 1 ‘Open Self/Area’ or ‘Free Area’ or ‘Public Area’, or ‘Arena’ Region 1 is also known as the ‘area of free activity’. This is the information about the person – behaviour, attitude, feelings, emotion, knowledge, experience, skills, views, etc. – known by the person (‘the self’) and known by the group (‘others’).
Seeing through the Johari Window
Seeing through the Johari Window The approach is theoretically backed by a model of interpersonal communication processes, the Johari Window, firstly introduced in 1955 by Joe Luft and Harry Ingham. This model postulates that a person’s self is composed of several parts, which are represented by the four panes of a window (Exhibit 1).
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Meeting Reflections Template & Example for Teams
Johari Window Understanding — it’s the key to trusting others better and yourself better as well. Built on that idea, a Johari Window is a framework designed to enhance team understanding by getting participants to fill in four quadrants, each of which reveals something they might not know about themselves or about others.
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打開心靈窗子,風輕雲淡,牙齒咬得刷刷響,是原創類高清視頻,靜看時光旖旎著一曲花謝花開,紅塵驛站,放眼一片綠苗苗。 (打一農機)此物無它用,紅塵驛站,曲終調盡失歸路,生性愛鑽洞,全文僅1200余字,于2019-12-21上映。
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