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How to Create a Reverse DNS Entry or PTR Record

However, to set up a reverse DNS entry that will map an IP address to your domain (e.g., > you will need to contact your IP address provider to create a PTR (pointer) record …
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We do all of our DNS settings through Godaddy, not through AT&T. So I don’t know what to do about this PTR record. I just got off the phone with Godaddy, and they said I need a TXT record, SPF record, but they can’t tell me how to set it up.
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Importance of PTR Records for Reliable Mail Delivery

A PTR record, or pointer record, enables someone to perform a reverse DNS lookup. This allows them to determine your domain name based on your IP address. Because generic domain names without a PTR are often associated with spammers, incoming mail servers identify email from hosts without PTR records as spam.
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How to Create PTR record

 · The PTR record (also known as reverse DNS) is setup for an IP address, and the ISP is delegated authority to do this for you. Set the PTR to match the ‘A’ record you are using for your MX if you have a single server and receive/send on same IP Shaun
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What is a PTR Record and How to Do Reverse IP Lookup?

Setup DNS records for your iRedMail server (A, PTR, MX, …

Reverse PTR record does the opposite; it looks up the hostname for the given IP address. In the example above the PTR record for IP address will get resolved to Why do you need a reverse PTR record The most common use for
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 · To configure a DS record with GoDaddy, perform the following steps: Click Manage. In the upper-right corner of the interface, select the list view. Select the domain for which to create a DS record. In the DS Records section of the Settings interface, click Manage.
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Reverse DNS lookup and PTR Query

This tool is useful to perform reverse dns lookup queries on the DNS and get the hostname of an IP address (reverse dns query). It actually gets the PTR record associated to an ip, based to the informations published in the Domain Name System.

Setting up DNS with Godaddy
at godaddy change the A record to point to you server. this would be the most easiest thing to do. and at virtualmin – system settings – Module config – server settings from drop down menu – make sure you set the "Default virtual server IP address" and "Default IP address for DNS record…
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Troubleshooting Sender Authentication
DNS record duplication Some DNS providers don’t automatically prevent you from duplicating a DNS file. For example, there might be an MX and TEXT record where you are trying to set up a CNAME file. If your DNS files aren’t validating, check to make sure there
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 · SS88 wrote:Your hosting company is the only one who can set up a PTR record for you unless it’s somewhere in your control panel. Virtual Private Servers usually come with this in their control panel and Dedicated Servers usually don’t.
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Add a TXT Record for GoDaddy
Add a TXT Record for GoDaddy Adding a TXT record to your GoDaddy account proves your ownership of your domain. This is needed because Marfeel is not the authority that provides the domain certificate , so publishers must prove that they are the owners of the domain.
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Authentication and Delivery
Authentication is a way to prove an email isn’t forged. Mailchimp Transactional automatically authenticates all emails sent through our servers, but by adding DNS records to your domain, we’re able to send on your behalf and digitally “sign” your emails.
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SPF and PTR – In need of clarification
 · The IP address “” belongs to GoDaddy, since your server is thru GoDaddy, you may want to check with them as to why it is being reported (if it’s not assigned to you). PTR records: When you have a PTR per domain, what will happen is that in the email headers, a ‘random’ domain on your server will appear in the headers, instead of a constant one (your hosting domain).
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Creating an A Record
 · For this purpose, we create DNS entries usually hosted at a third-party DNS/Domain registrar service of your choice like Namecheap, GoDaddy, etc. In this post, we’ll show how to create an A record to map an IP address (IPv4 address) to a domain or subdomain .