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 · Generally pain in the flank area is either on the right side or on the left side, rarely flank pain is bilateral. There are many vital organs situated between the upper abdomen and the back and problems in these vital organs can cause pain in the flank area, most common example is kidney stone pain.
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Chapter 42. Flank Pain
Pyelonephritis commonly causes flank pain, particularly in women. Because women have shorter urethras than men, women have a greater incidence of lower urinary tract infections, which may ascend to one or both kidneys resulting in pyelonephritis.
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What causes pain in the flank area?
Flank pain is pain on the side of the torso, just below the ribs. Sometimes, the pain may extend to the low back. There are many organs and muscles in or near to the left and right flanks, making flank pain a common symptom. Some causes of flank pain, such
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5 Reasons You Might Have Flank Pain If it hurts in your mid-back region on either side of your body, it could be a pulled muscle — or something more serious. Back pain is common, with as many as eight in 10 people experiencing it at some point in
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Flank Pain
Pain caused by kidney disorders usually is felt in the side (flank) or small of the back. Occasionally, the pain extends to the center of the abdomen. Usually pain occurs because the kidney’s outer covering (renal capsule) is stretched by a disorder that causes rapid swelling of the kidney or because a stone has entered one of the ureters (tubes connecting the kidney to the bladder).
This article explains the common causes of left back pain and also talks about some of the most effective ways to treat and prevent the back pain ...
Causes of left side flank pain?
 · For the last year I have been having pain in the left side of my back between my ribs and hips. For what I know this is called flank pain and could range from being a muscle spasm to a tumour. Like I said, I’ve had this pain for almost a year now. It feels very dull and
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causes of ongoing left flank pain if kidney function is normal according to urine/blood test? 1 doctor answer • 4 doctors weighed in Share Dr. Bojan Pavlovic answered Anesthesiology 20 years experience Many: The causes are numerous and depend on Other
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My husband has sporatic pain in his lower left side, hard to stand up or sit down. I made an appointment to see a BACK Ortho doctor not available for TWO weeks. Could this in
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Left Upper Quadrant (LUQ) Pain: Common Causes & …

 · Medical Causes of Upper Left Abdominal Pain Left upper quadrant or LUQ pain can originate from various causes. Some causes for these pains may not be localized accurately, so bear in mind that the area that hurts may not be directly in line with the internal issue that is causing pain.
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Pain in the lower left abdomen has different possible causes than pain in the lower right. Abdominal pain in the left is commonly caused by constipation or gas that causes brief pain in the digestive tract. Sharp pains may be due to kidney stones or breakthrough of the weak parts of the abdominal wall, a.k.a. hernia. In women, menstruation or ovarian cysts can also cause pain in the lower left.
Abdominal pain can strike at any time. and sometimes it can be difficult to determine whether or not it is an emergency. This is because abdominal ...
4 Serious Causes of Referred Back Pain
Referred pain is pain felt in an area that is located at some distance from its cause. This common condition is often the result of problems in abdominal and thoracic organs. For example, infection of the kidneys, which are located in the abdominal cavity, may cause referred pain to the flank.
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What Pain on Your Left Side Could Mean
 · Pain in the left side of your belly (abdomen) is a common symptom and could indicate a variety of conditions. From ulcer to infection, here’s a look at possible causes of your pain. Stomach ulcer or inflammation of the stomach ().This may cause acute or chronic pain in the left …
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Left shoulder pain may indicate a serious medical condition, a problem in the shoulder joint or soft tissues. Learn about the common causes of left arm pain. 2. Stroke aka CVA Common Presentation: weakness, visual disturbance, slurred speech, dizziness, numbness
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Left upper quadrant Abdominal Pain
Left Upper Quadrant Abdominal Pain I. Problem/Condition. Left upper quadrant (LUQ) pain has a wide and varied differential diagnosis. This differential is driven by the overlying structures (skin
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What Causes Pain on the Left Side Above the Hip?

There are various reasons you may be having pain on your left side above the hip. The problem could be the result of an injury that might heal on its own. It could also be an indicator of an undiagnosed illness. Learn more about the possible causes of your condition.